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SGW at the International Fair of Environment in Colombia.

The seminar, organized by SAAMECO and FMC, was parallel to the FIMA - "Feria Internacional del Medio Ambiente" held in Bogotá 6-9 June. Important professionals and companies in the U.S., Brazil and Colombia attended it. SGW participated in the International Conference on Remediation in Bogota, Colombia, which occurred between 06 and June 9, 2012, during the International Fair of Environment. The Director of SGW, Sidney Aluani presented six cases of successful remediation projects conducted by the SWG in Brazil.

Aluani technical lecture in Sydney in 2012 FIMA

FIMA 2012 was held in Bogotá and brought together participants from the Colombian government, nongovernmental entities, universities, local and international industry, consultancies and products to the environment firms of the whole Latin America.
The event occupied the 5,550m2 of the CorFerias convention center in Bogota and encouraged discussion of environmental projects of local government, environmental and technical presentations offered by the National University of Colombia and has attracted several companies that had the opportunity to demonstrate their products and services.
SGW Services has made significant success exposing cases of Environmental Remediation of Chlorinated Organics, Heavy Metals and Hydrocarbons in Brazil, demonstrating the high level of technical expertise in dealing with contaminated land and the local availability of technologies for this type of project.

Thus ended the event to meet the local society with a project that aims to change the minds of all participants facing today's environmental reality in Colombia and the rest of the planet.
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